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De meningen ge-uit door medewerkers en studenten van de TU Delft en de commentaren die zijn gegeven reflecteren niet perse de mening(en) van de TU Delft. De TU Delft is dan ook niet verantwoordelijk voor de inhoud van hetgeen op de TU Delft weblogs zichtbaar is. Wel vindt de TU Delft het belangrijk - en ook waarde toevoegend - dat medewerkers en studenten op deze, door de TU Delft gefaciliteerde, omgeving hun mening kunnen geven.

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ITD Jukebox project sites online

YouTube Preview Image

Which makes two:

 Out of Order

 team 1

in other news, we will be featured in the catalog for the Jukebox project! Massive excitement and rapid, hamster-like, clicking of keys to write explanatory text. Recently I got confused between Smooth Criminal and some other Michael Jackson video: chalk that up to the consequences of a sheltered upbringing, where everything after Beethoven was considered too unrul. Anyway, the relevent video is indeed Smooth Criminal – still quite amazing.

Juke Box, CD kitsch

One of the briefs for the ITD class revolves around reinventing the juke box. Now, juke boxes can be seen in many different ways, ranging from the music consumption effect of having a shared device that plays music upon the insertion of money (and there is no such a thing currently in our world), to a shiny glowing piece of industrial design. Somebody clearly decided that he like the form so much that they made a large (man-sized) CD player in the shape of a juke box.


This is a rather large object. Unfortunately it was in the middle of a bunch of other peculiar stuff (if you have visited the Saturday market in Rotterdam on the Blaak you know what I am talking about), so I was not able to include a person as a scale factor. At any rate, contrast with the hob at bottom left.

So, what does this object of wonder actually do, since it certainly is not a real juke box stuffed full of 45rpm records? Apparently it is a CD player. The purple disc inside looks like a CD, surrounded by all sorts of not terribly functional appendages and things. (but then, 98% of this thing is by definition non-functional). The buttons on the front panel (links to higher resolution pictures at the bottom of the post) are typical CD control buttons. Large hints of the presence of an FM/AM radio are also present.

But what really got my attention was the remote control. Done in a bastard ’90s buttons+chrome trim+retro Ghostbusters+vaguely decò style, in black plastic and chrome, more or less similar to the juke box front, this is the remote control that Buck Rogers would have used to control his space juke box while rocketing from Mars to the Earth. Barbarella would have found it too obsolete for her tastes, I am sure.

In other news, I just spotted the name Wurlitzer on a cigarette vending machine in Dunya Döner Kebab, again in Rotterdam.

Higher resolution images

entire juke box
detail of CD receptacle
remote control


This was my reaction when one of the groups working on the ITD brief let me know that they have set up a blog as a collaboration platform. Here it is! I am surprised by the number of students at TUDelft that have only a "passive" relationship with the Internet, that is, they browse, they read, but they do not have a presence (as in, their website, their blog…) Some use facebook, but not really everybody. I guess that the seductions of the physical world are still too strong.


Courtesy of Chris Karthaus,



me P.J. Stappers

 Chris started his MSc. thesis presentation with these images. The presentation went really well, and the pictures (that are now sitting in large A3 format on my desk) were a hit with everybody.

Alphabet soup mode: ITD, EI, IE, UTAR, CompViz

So. ITD (Interactive Technology Design), a class in the DFI Master
starts next Friday. UTAR (something Technology something Redesign)
starts next week. IE (Interaction and Electronics) starts tomorrow, and
I still have stuff to read for it. Oh, and the student evaluations for
EI (Exploring Interaction), right. These are all fine, fine courses
that I enjoy teaching, have no doubt about it: I am only disturbed by
the amounts of balls that I have to keep flying through the air. Some
occasionally drop to the ground and land on my toes, I have to admit. I
have become a Google Calendar fundamentalist, which is not without its
drawbacks. Anything that has not been entered into THE calendar stops
existing, which in turn means that I must also use it to manage my
private life – something I am a bit averse to.

Today I
distributed the students among the 6 ITD briefs. It took two hours of
Excel wrangling, but I think I have made about 95% of the people happy,
where happy is defined as "having the brief that you asked for, or any brief if you did not ask for anything special".

main hall of IO, shot from the platform
this is a shot from an ITD user testing session of last year. I know, I overuse the fisheye.

Considering also Computer Visualization on the horizon, plus the
special activities for the KAIST/TUDelft joint master I have a rather
full plate of teaching activities. And I think that today i just
acquired my fourth graduation student, which is about all I can handle.
But it is all good. On the horizon there is also a workshop (or two?)
in Israel, and a trip to Salone del Mobile,
related to one ITD brief. And I keep having fun technology ideas, but
there is only one me to implement them. Until someone invents cloning,
but we don’t have that at TUDelft yet.

I have also started a
serious effort to write down my hours, so that the task of filling in
the time management sheets at the end of the month becomes less painful
and even (who knows!) more useful. And I will stop confusing EI end IE.

what is cooking?

Or, in other words, what do I do with my time when I am in TUDelft? This is a question beloved both of supervisors (aka bosses) and parents everywhere. For what pertains my parents, it is enough to say that I am faculty – they have direct experience of what I am talking about. But it is not useless to set down in detail what is cooking in my numerous pots and what knotty threads I am spinning.

At TUDelft I do basically two things: education and research, approximately half and half. Of course, there is also a large amount of time that goes into unspecificied activities, such as filling in timesheets, crunching through email, reorganizing my desk, drinking large amounts of coffee, chatting with visiting academics, chatting with people I don’t recognize but have to pretend I do… but the backbone is really education and research. 

yes, I can go into detail…

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